Elvip d.o.o. is a company specialized in the inspection and rewinding of all types of electro-mechanical machines and their components up to 5 MW of electrical power. This is done in a modern equipped workshop, computerized operational tests, years of experience and highly qualified personnel.



In the area of electro-mechanic we among rewinding and coil replacements also perform regular maintenance such as: bearings replacements, cleaning, inspections of wearable elements, etc. We also do mechanical repairs, rotor balancing, on site diagnostic, computer-aided measurements and testing and intervention works. Rewinding takes place based on original data and obtained technical documentation. For our work we only use the best and latest materials.



Comprehensive stock of materials assures us smooth working and fast response time.




Within the electromechanical field we offer:

  • Rewind and repair of all types of electric motors.
  • Rewind, repair and manufacture of all kinds of electric transformers.
  • Repair and production of all types of electromagnetic plates and electromagnetic clutches.
  • Sales of all types of products in the field of electromechanic.



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